Release Panic Attacks & Daily Anxiety, For Good.

Without talk therapy, traditional meditation, hypnosis, breathing techniques, journaling, affirmations, supplements, or devices.


is an 8-week transformational process

to release daily anxiety & panic attacks, forever.

The TRUTH about Panic Attacks


The Counter-Intuitive Solution

You can't solve panic/anxiety with mental techniques.

It's an emotional issue.

The ROOT of panic attacks is suppressed emotions.

You unconsiously suppress negative emotions over your lifetime...

...because the your mind is conditioned to control.

This suppressed emotional energy gets stored in your cells and nervous system.

A massive amount of suppressed energy creates crippling anxiety and panic attacks.

A panic attack feels like an uncomfortable, adrenaline surge.

You can feel waves of fear, heart palpitations, chest tightness, tension, hyperventilation, dizziness, confusion, strange sensations, numbness, etc.

It feels like something is seriously wrong.

Often giving you a feeling of impending doom.

A feeling that the walls are closing in.

“What’s wrong with me!?”

“Am I having a heart attack!? Stroke!?"

"And I gonna die?"

You downward spiral in your mind trapped in thinking of worst case scenarios.

Maybe even call 911 or drive to the ER.

It’s debilitating, making you want to escape, hide, isolate.

You avoid going out in public...

...not knowing if / when another panic attack will strike again.

You miss out on life... and your potential.

There are a lot of e-books, articles, therapists, doctors that tell you what you should do to calm down during a panic attack.

They give you breathing techniques, calming strategies, or tell you to focus on something else.

Some even tell you to tell panic attack to “bring it on”!

Logically, it makes sense.

But all of those methods are teaching you control.

Control your breathing, control you thoughts, control your focus, control your mind.

Control is the problem! ... not the solution.

These strategies also don't address the suppressed emotions either.

So, these "logical strategies" only "manage" your panic attacks…

...which means you never resolve the root cause and you keep having them.

You don’t want that.

Release is the solution.

Release the control conditioning.

Release the suppressed emotions.

This will release the panic attacks, forever.

You have so much potential if you just freed yourself from these chains!

I have great news for you...

Complete freedom from panic attacks is 100% doable!

What you need is a willingnessto be courageous and coachable, knowing this method 100% works.

This solution is RELEASED.

Feel stable, grounded, clear, relaxed.

Have inner peace, presence, flow, focus.

RELEASED is an 8-week guided program to release your panic attacks and daily anxiety for good.

It's distilled, safe and as simple as possible in a 3 part method.

All you need is yourself.

You can't solve panic attacks with mental techniques.

No focusing on your breath.

No mental therapy.

No "reframing" negative thoughts.

No affirmations.

No band-aids.

What you need is a willingness

to be courageous and coachable,

knowing this method 100% works.

Anxiety, it's gone.

"My anxiety was in my chest all the time. I would just feel it heavy. I know anxiety runs in my family, clearly like my Dad has it.

But I don't wanna go on medication. Sometimes I wouldn't sleep well because of it you know, and now, it's gone.

I don't have that feeling, like ever...and I feel like there's more for me to do now than there was. I have more on my plate now than when we started.

Thanks for helping me move past these things and realize my true potential!"

Kristine Ziffra

Coach, Mama Project


8-Week Program Overview

Fully Release Your Conditioned Panic/Anxiety Attack Response For Good to Feel Inner Peace, Stability, and the Freedom to Move Beyond the Bubble That is Limiting Your Expansion.

3 Parts over 8 Weeks

Distilled, safe and as simple as possible.

Part One

Fully Regulated & Releasing

This is 100% a must for this process to work.

Panic & anxiety thrive in a tense nervous system and overactive mind.

"Relaxing" techniques like meditation, baths, breathing exercises, massages, stretches, cold showers, etc. are not the answer to this problem. 

This is because they only focus on relaxing/calming you down, which bypasses the suppressed energy.

We want you regulated, but also releasing the trapped emotional energy.

I will teach you a simple release method to release the suppressed emotional energy in your nervous system AND to be fully regulated.

This method involves laying down, comfortably surrendering control of your body and following a guided 15 to 30 minute voice track to release your mind and deep tensions.

This is NOT hypnosis.

This is NOT a meditation.

This method will increase your "voltage" / capacity of your nervous system to release more suppressed emotions without any force.

Part Two

The Unhooking Method

The Unhooking Method is 3-step process that teaches you how to fully release negative emotions, thoughts, and resistance the moment they arise.

When you release this trapped mental/emotional resistance, it releases forever.

You will naturally condition yourself to release suppressed energy throughout your day.

Negative emotions are like fire.

Thoughts are like the smoke.

Most people try to put out the smoke (the thoughts) by "reframing" them or trying to focus on gratitude.

But you can't put out a fire by putting out the smoke.

You need to release the emotion (the fire) so the thoughts (the smoke) release too.

When you have anxiety, everyone tells you to focus on your breath or do something that makes you calm down or feel good.

Logically, it makes sense, but...

...this is the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

It's the reason so much stress unconsciously gets suppressed in your nervous system over years.

The Unhooking Method will teach you how to release your inner resistance in pieces, chunks, and boulders...for good!

Part Three

Catalyst Integration

A simple way to identify your conditioning and patterns on your own so that they can be fully released.

Catalyst Integration is like time-travel.

It will show you how to neutralize and release the negatively charged emotions that have been unconsciously haunting you.

Catalyst Integration is a 5 to 15 minute process you can do alone in the comfort of your own room.

This is NOT hypnosis.

This is NOT meditation.

FOREVER cleared and expanded!

Outcomes of the 8-Week Program:

1. Fully dissolve your conditioned "panic" neural pathway between your amygdala and your nervous system that's causing the panic attack surges.

2. Release massive amounts of suppressed emotions in your cells and nervous system, forever.

3. Feel grounded, stable, present and more at peace internally than you have ever experienced.

Freedom from daily anxiety and panic attacks to expand in your life!

World Class Support

Meet Your Guide:

John Graham

3-time USA Memory Champion

Grandmaster of Memory

Coaching High Performers since 2017

John Graham founded "Released" after fully releasing his own debilitating panic attacks, daily anxiety, mental paralysis, and overwhelm.

After trying every doctor, mental strategy, meditation technique, therapy, medicine, and affirmation he could find...his anxiety only got worse and he was now having daily panic attacks.

That's when he realized mental strategies don't get to the root issue.

He discovered through counter-intuitive methods that panic and anxiety is caused by control from the conditioned mind and when you release tension in your cells and nervous system, you surrender control of your mind.

His methods release suppressed emotions that trap in your body over your lifetime.

You dissolve old neuropathways of control conditioning, and form new neuropathways in your mind...without using your mind's force.

His panic attacks and daily anxiety are now long gone.

Your Time Is Now

"I want to bring all of YOU up to your winning table.

You weren't put on this planet to live in dread, anxiety and panic.

You're here for inner fulfillment and expansion to further reveal your life's purpose.

You deserve to be free and feel free.

Your family and friends deserve that too.

Let's once-and-for-all release your panic for good."

John Graham

"RELEASED" Program

2 Options:

Option 1: Pay In Full

$950 USD

Release Your Daily Anxiety & Panic Attacks, For Good

*limited spots available

Instant access the day you join


Instant access to the Week One module

Weekly Zoom Coaching calls with John on Thursdays from 2pm-4pm EST / USA.

Live group coaching with John for accountability, simplicity, and support to achieve transformative results.

You get:

✅ Lifetime access to the 8 weeks of guided, step-by-step video modules.

You will have get access to a new module each week for 8 weeks.

✅ 8 x 2 hour live weekly Zoom calls with coaching + Q&A.

Don't worry, this will not be a call with everyone discussing their problems. John will guide the flow of the call toward seeking wins and empowering everyone to integrate the life altering practices. You will walk away feeling uplifted and empowered every time.

These calls are recorded for you to watch later, and questions can be sent in advance, in case you can’t make it.

* Option for continued monthly support and accountability after you complete the program on a subscription basis.

Option 2:

1-on-1 Private Mentorship

with John

If you want a 1-on-1 VIP option with John,

schedule a free 30-minute Personalized Clarity Call with John over Zoom.

During this 30 minute call, John will review what areas are holding you back and more importantly, where you want to be.

You can ask John any questions you'd like.

If John knows he can help, we can discuss customized options (program, group, 1-on-1 mentorship, etc.) that would work best for you and your outcomes.

No pressure to make a decision on the call.

The Transformation is Total

“I have had the privilege of being mentored by one of the best life and mind coach, John Graham.

I knew from the time we first spoke that John was special in his abilities to observe, listen and guide people towards a path that had to be discovered.

For sure that was my story and after the 8 week program I learnt more than I have in my two decades of formal learning.

The benefits have been tangible and the transformation is total.

The techniques and life philosophy John puts to play are a game changer.

If you want to learn from the best, John Graham is your guy”

Shourabh Mukherji

Tried other methods?

"I was overwhelmed, full of anxiety, and in my own eyes felt like I was failing in all areas of my life and business.

When I came across John’s info, it told me exactly what I wanted to hear… "Tried other methods?"....

With John’s step-by-step techniques and weekly mastermind calls, I have ironed out business strategies for optimal productivity, and developed tools for positive mindset and a whole life harmony.

It really blew my mind what I learned.


I ended my constant overwhelm and anxiety.

What John promised, he delivered."

Stacey Foster

Dominator Websites, Top Quality Home Services

I Feel Powerful!

"Very overwhelmed about all the things, pressure of doing lots of things... feeling like I don't have time to do the things that I want to do.

I had a huge FEAR that I was never gonna do it, not gonna make it.

It was driving myself crazy.

I learned...a strategy to handle all the things in my life.

The overwhelm feeling completely disappeared. I do more, complete more.

I now have the power to release any negative emotion within minutes, instead of holding onto it for weeks/days.

I can bring myself up happiness.

I feel powerful!

I finally found a way to make it happen...find time and space and energy to handle all my work, studies, business, and life"

Paola C.

Entrepreneur, Professional, & Student


Who is this for?

If you want to:

- Feel stable, grounded, clear, and relaxed.

- Increase inner peace, presence, flow, focus.

and you are experiencing, any of:

- panic attacks

- anxiety

- mental paralysis

- overwhelm

- burnout

You must have a 100% willingness to be courageous and coachable to a method that works.

Who is this NOT for?

Anyone who's unwilling to take 100% ownership of their results.

If you are unable to commit 30 minutes a day to release control of your mind and regulate your nervous system...


If you are not committed or coachable, this will program not work for you.

How quickly will I see results?

This is a great question.

First, there needs to be no expectation of timeframe. Expectation will only cause more inner resistance.

Many clients never have them again after the 8 weeks.

Others have experienced them months later, but admitted they reverted back to old patterns.

My experience personally is that right before I started this RELEASED method, I was having multiple panic attacks every single day!

After starting this method, it took me about 2 months to not have any more panic attacks.

Then, a couple months later, I had a panic attack out of nowhere while I was watching a movie.

That was the last panic attack I ever had.

My panic attack neuropathway fully dissolved.

What is the RELEASED process like?

You will learn 3 parts, steadily over the 8 weeks.

1. Release/Regulate

This method involves laying down, comfortably releasing control of your body and following a guided 15 to 30 minute voice track to release your mind and deep tensions.

2. The Unhooking Method is a 3 step process to fully release and process out negative emotions. This is what you will practice throughout your day until it becomes second nature.

3. Catalyst Integration is a 5 to 15 minute process you can do alone in the comfort of your own room to release long held, deeply suppressed emotions.

No meditation

No hypnosis

No breathing techniques

You will be releasing your control conditioning and releasing suppressed emotions to dissolve the panic neuropathway.

What is the module length and time committment?

30 minutes per day to release/regulate your nervous system. This is a must.

Modules are short and simple. Less than 1 hour per week.

No worksheets or pdfs or mental techniques.

Weekly zoom calls are 2 hours.

How do I access the course?

Desktop or mobile

You will receive a login and password to the membership site where you will access the modules each week.

Zoom links will be emailed to you before each call.

Will I learn what to do during a panic attack?

Yes, absolutely.

More importantly, you will learn what new changes need to be made to eventually never have them again.

Is there a Guarantee? Refund policy?

There are NO refunds for any of John's courses and programs.

When you willingly commit to your transformation, you transform.

I know what you're going through and I've got you.

But, I cannot guarantee your results because this work is 100% up to you.

That’s why this program is only for those willing to take 100% responsibility for their lives and are committed to doing the right work.

Can my partner join with me?

Yes, couples and children can join you in the program for the price of 1!

If you have any other questions, please send an email with subject "Released" to John at

It Flipped

"Honestly, I don't think I've had a bad day since whenever it flipped. So, by like Week 2 and half.

And I had gone 6 years where I had only one instance of having like 3 good days in a row ... in that 6 year period.

I feel annoyingly optimistic again...I love that!


Entrepreneur, Massage Therapy

Truly Feel Calm

"For me to truly feel calm on the inside.

I don't know if I've ever really experienced that in my life except maybe being sedated for my surgeries.

I created this environment that allows me to be calm.

To be fully present with my kids and enjoy more moments with them."

Lauren Saffoori

Owner/Coach, Lady Lax Goalies & NeuroVisual training franchise

Everything was Revealed

"The way I feel right now...I want EVERYONE to feel this way.

[Mental paralysis]...feels like the worst fatigue. A heavy physical body. A cloud over my vision. Low motivation. The worst body is frozen in fear, BUT my mind is still going.

Everything that was holding me back, in my personal life too, was revealed.

I have shifted significantly over these weeks and it's been recognized by people around me.

I feel very, very focused.

Very crystal clear on what I'm shooting for."

Lauren Fay

Reiki Master & Empowerment Coach for Substance Addictions

I'm in Place

"Life changing. I'm in place.

It's a great new feeling that I don't want to let go of.

I don't want to go back to the old me."

LaLa El-Amin

Owner, Esteem Beauty Haven

I'm Worth Investing In

"When the noise isn't there, it's so easy to do the work.

[This is] just giving you tools to do it more efficiently and effectively... so that you can have the life that you want.

I am worth investing in myself.

Coaching is needed and accountability.

Work is needed.

You have to commit.

I'm not worried about how I'm going to pay my bills [anymore] and that is worth every cent that I was afraid to put into myself."

Stacey Skilton

Owner, Wellness business. Financial sales.


(from John's Programs)


"John is a rare kind of person in that he genuinely wants to see people succeed, he is ‘all in’ with his coaching, I never felt like he was holding back.

In every call, he made certain that I got the most value from the session, never rushing through the calls, always taking the time to make sure his strategies made sense, address any concerns or sticking points I was dealing with and that I felt confident to move forward with my training and even how to get back on track when I stumbled.

He always made sure I knew he was just an email away and happy to help me on my journey.

If you are looking for a Coach who makes every call fun and interesting, is thoughtful, patient, kind, shares all of the insights you need to succeed, is supportive (he will be your loudest cheerleader), and genuinely wants you to get the most value, John Graham is the person I would choose and recommend every time."

Jodi Smith



"John is a world-class expert of the mind and how to use it most efficiently. He walked me through everything. Highly recommend!"

Alex Iceman

CEO, & Toosa

John Graham has been instrumental in helping transform the way in which we prioritize work in order to be more efficient.

My wife and I are growing two businesses while raising a family and homeschooling our daughter.

We were driving ourselves crazy trying to figure out how to juggle business and life.

We knew we needed balance.

We needed answers that are hard to come by.

How do you know what the next step is?

How do you know when to let go of something holding you back?

How can you build the confidence to call that next client without fear and worry?

These are questions that a lot of people are asking themselves.

That's where John came in and has rescued us.

He spends his time helping us correct the negatives and pushes us towards productivity.

His advice and plans of action are working!

You just know when something feels right.

As soon as I met John on a Zoom call, I knew he was what we needed.

For us, John was an answered prayer.

God has used John to help focus our lives in the direction we were seeking.

We trust John and his wisdom as a valuable asset in our lives and feel confident in referring him to everyone including our closest friends and family.

Bryan Foster

Co-Owner: Dominator Websites, Top Quality Home Services

National Champion of the Mind

Trinh grew up poverty in Vietnam.

She came to John seeking to channel her mind & focus for prolonged periods of time, and tap into her natural state of flow.

Within months of this training...Trinh became the Vietnam Memory Champion.

She became an instant authority of the mind and is repeatedly featured on the hit TV show: Siêu Trí Tuệ (Super Intelligence).

She is now out of poverty, making more money than she imagined a year ago, and living her dreams teaching and inspiring millions how to improve their minds.

Phương Trinh

2019 Vietnam Memory Champion, TV Performer

Literally Changed My Life

"I've been through countless books and mini courses and emails about productivity.

I was convinced that I'm just an irresponsible person who doesn't do my rituals and my meditations and I can't get my head on straight.

And then John Graham shows up, starts emailing these things like, oh, that stuff doesn't matter.

I'm like, who is this guy?...nobody's saying this.

How could you blaspheme meditation!?

What is he doing?

And then I got into the program and it literally has changed my life.

Now I can actually execute and do whatever I want, whenever I want."

Kirsch Mackey

Owner of HaSofu, Adjunct Professor, & Software Developer


"Found John online, which wasn't hard, because he's one of the greatest memory champions in the world.

John's technique, patience, and understanding of how the brain was indispensable,

I cannot recommend John enough, he's a fantastic coach and a great guy.

So, please, please if you get a chance work with John."

Mike George

Standup Comedian / Award Winning Writer - Los Angeles, CA

Simple and Powerful

"John and his methodologies – which are unique to John, and better than anything you’ll read in any book – are simple and powerful.

John and his insights are impactful, and change the way you operate."

Graham Brodock

President, KrisTech


"I've already learned so much thanks to you and I love that you hold me accountable because that is/was the biggest hang up for me."


Musician, Entrepreneur, Language Learner

Fire in my Heart

"Just want to let you know that I have not felt this aligned and close to my Northstar since last year.

This pivoting moment is so big for me because I have the clarity I need to move forward with my purpose.

To me, there’s no better feeling than waking up with a fire in my heart wanting to get to my desk feeling inspired and excited, instead of overwhelmed and dreading the tasks I need to complete.

Thank you so much for your assistance and continued support."

Maria A.

Intuitive Healer

Expand Your Toolkit

"I availed myself of John’s coaching when I realized I was making zero progress.

He also made himself available between coaching sessions when I would get stuck or felt I wasn’t making adequate progress.

He always had a tip that would address my issue and quickly got me past the issue so I could move forward.

I now have several tools in my toolkit that I can use going forward whenever the need arises.

I absolutely would recommend John Graham for assistance...and expanding your personal toolkit."

Dorothy Tannahill Moran

Certified Sound Therapist/Owner, Aurras

Feeling Much Lighter

"I've been going deep and prioritizing mindset work to unhook and it is amazing how old emotional triggers are just gone.

I'm feeling much lighter.

I do feel like this was my biggest roadblock."

Stephanie A.



"John has a lot of experience and each time I challenged him with my needs, he was able to provide me with a working solution.

I highly recommend his coaching!"

Florent G.

Professional & Transcendental Meditator

Big Progress

"I am surprised about my progress.

This past week I finished some paperwork that for the last two years I couldn't do as I was always procrastinating...and I did it in a week!

It's amazing .. a big progress for me."

Suzana Marusic, MD, PhD.

President, Hooke Laboratories

Back on Track

"When I first started working with John I was very scattered.

I felt all over the place and not quite sure how to prioritize my different tasks or how to stay focused on the task at hand.

Now, after going through his program, I am able to catch myself when I'm spinning out of control, can get back on track by focusing on my most important priority, and I can focus for longer periods of time! 🥳😁

Thanks John for your patience and guidance."

Rachanee J.

Financial Coach

Above & Beyond

"Within 5 months, I got promoted to Manager of Strategy.

The techniques and systems certainly helped.

I truly appreciate all the help you provided - you constantly went above and beyond!"

Giacomo Zacchia

I Feel More Clear Minded

"After going for your session and having my queries answered by you, I feel more clear minded and purpose driven."

Chuan Yong

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